Jayalalitha – Filmography (Telugu)

Jayalalitha is the first glam queen on South Indian screen. Born as Komalavalli in the district of Mysore on Feb 24, 1948, she changed the name to Jayalalitha once she decided to step into films at the early age of 15. She studied matriculation in Madras and passed with distinction in 1964. While performing classical dance show for a competition at School, renowned Kannada director B.R.Panthulu spotted her talent and introduced as actress in his Kannada film Chindha Gambhe (1964). Immediately she got the role in Telugu film opposite Akkineni Nageshwara Rao in Manushulu Mamatalu (1965). Then Tamil director Sreedhar gave her a break in Tamil films. She played the role of a schizophrenic widow in Vennira Aadai.

Her mother name is Vedavalli who also acted in films. Jayalalitha remained single but had long relationships with Shoban Babu and MGR. She is the only actress in India who became a Chief Minister.  She acted in more than 120 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and English. Her only Hindi film is Izzat opposite Dharmendra.

She got fame with Gudhachari 116 opposite Krishna but went on to do more films with NTR and ANR in Telugu. Here is her complete list of films in Telugu.

Jayalalitha’s filmography in Telugu

1. Manashulu Mamatalu (1965) – First film in Telugu

2. Gudhachari 116 (Aug 11, 1966)

3. Aame Evaru? (1966)

4. Navarathri (1966) (Small role)

5. Asthiparulu (Oct 24, 1966)

6. Gopaludu Bhupaludu (Jan 14, 1967) – First film with NTR

7. Brahmachari (1967)

8. Chikkadu Dorakudu (1968)

9. SukhaDukhalu (1968) – Main role is Vanishree’s

10. Tikka Shankarayya (1968)

11. Attagaru Kottakodalu (1968)

12. Bagdhad Gajadonga (1968)

13. Niluvu Dopidi (Jan 25, 1968)

14. Kathanayakudu (1969) – also remade with her in Tamil as Mannodi Mannan

15. Kadaladu Vadaladu (1969)

16. Adarsha Kutumbam (1969)

17. Adrusthavantulu (1969)

18. Gandikota Rahasyam (1969)

19. Alibaaba 40 Dongalu (1970)

20. Dharmadhata (1970)

21. Srikrishna Vijayam (1971)

22. Srikrishna Satya (1971)

23. Bharyabiddalu (1972)

24. Akkatammudu (1972)

25. Doctor Babu (1973) – Only film with Shoban Babu

26. Devudu Chesina Manashulu (1973)

27. Premalu Pellilu (1974)

28. Nayakudu Vinayakudu (1980) – filmed in 78 but released in 80.

Her first film hero is Akkineni Nageshwara Rao and her last film in Telugu (Nayakudu Vinayakudu) also starred him.


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